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Smart Shop Planet (the online store) – Green Crack Gorilla Feminized 5 Seeds – CC Get it and What Are Green Crack Gorilla Feminized 5 Seeds – CC?

Genetics: Dominant Sativa Cross: Green Crack x Gorilla Glue Indoor flowering time: 60-65 days Indoor height: 130-150 cm Yield indoors: 550-600 gr/m2 Outdoor life cycle: 7 months Height outside: 300 cm Outdoor yield: 1000-2000 g/plant THC percentage: 25-30%


The history of American cannabis genetics can never be written without the two strains that brought American cannabis forward. The Green Crack and the Gorilla Glue are two powerful strains that have achieved classic strain status despite their young age. The combination of both is made possible solely by our team of breeders and is not easily found at other seed banks. If you are looking for an exclusive, very powerful and sturdy cross that no one else in your area has ever had, then the Green Crack Gorilla is the best choice!

This cross was designed by a breeder specializing in GG#4, and we are proud owners of this cross as it is not widely available from other seed banks. That is why our Green Crack Gorilla is an exclusive edition. So, don’t wait too long!

The great production and fruity cerebral, everyday properties of Green Crack (also known as Mango or Green Cush ), combined with the ultimate power of Gorilla Glue , will provide you with a powerful blend. This cross will give a breeder a selection of different phenotypes representing both parents. Most phenotypes are firm and resistant to high temperatures and will not stretch much. Expect fruity, gassy goodness with a high yield.

Green Crack Gorilla can have great medicinal value, especially for people who need some peace and focus during the day without being overwhelmed by mental unrest. On the other hand, GG4 genetics will provide some patients with significant pain relief, as well as mental peace for those suffering from anxiety, depression, or PTSD.