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Zkittlez Feminized 5 Seeds – Buy CC at Smartshop Planet

Genetics: Predominantly Indica Crossbreed: G

  • Genetics: Predominantly Indica
  • Cross: Grape Ape x Grapefruit
  • Indoor flowering time: 49-63 days
  • Internal height : 80-100 cm
  • Indoor yield : 500-600 g/m2
  • Outdoor life cycle: 7 months
  • Outside height: 150-200 cm
  • Outdoor yield: 400-600 g/plant
  • THC percentage: 20-24%


At Smartshop Planet we proudly present one of our most exotic strains , the famous Zkittlez ! It is one of those cannabis strains where you immediately know that you have something special in your hands. Zkittlez changes the atmosphere in a room as soon as you smell the scent, which fills the entire room within seconds. This is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss. If there is one strain that can perfectly imitate the smell and taste of fruit, it is Zkittlez .

Originally bred in the hills of northern California’s Emerald Triangle , by a group of highly experienced genetic collectors, breeders and breeders under the names 3rd Gen Fam /Terp Hogz . Zkittlez is the result of a cross between an “Original Dallas Grape Ape “, ” Humboldt Grapefruit” and a third unknown genetic line, which many claim may be an ancient cross of the legendary Cinderella ’99, known for its fruity terpene profile. Whatever the latest mysterious genetics behind Zkittlez , The fact is that this strain has been stabilized and is now available in seed form. This blend of genetics made waves in the cannabis community for its exotic, fruity aroma and taste.

An explosion of exotic, sweet, candy-like flavors is the only way to describe Zkittlez ‘s versatile fragrance palette. Grape Ape x Grapefruit x Unknown make up the bulk of the genetics, and when you take your first puff of Zkittlez , it quickly becomes clear that her fruity qualities are the result of careful pheno-hunting and precision breeding techniques. When you break Zkittlez buds , you’ll discover predominant flavors of berry, citrus , grapefruit, and tropical candy. Not only does it stand out for its aroma and taste, but it also breaks the stereotypes usually associated with indicas and sativas .

Zkittlez has emerged slowly over the past five years, from a single garden on the West Coast’s premier farm: 3rd Gen Fam , winners of 38 awards. It is a cross between an ancient grape aromatic strain and another local strain with grapefruit flavor, and probably something with a fuely note. Zkittlez may not have the best appearance, but it more than makes up for it with abundant tropical candy-like terpenes and positive effects.

Thanks to recent years of both medical and recreational legalization, we have taken our knowledge of cannabis breeding and plant genetics to a point where we understand almost all aspects of cannabis. Part of this process involves developing unique and exotic flavor and terpene profiles. Zkittlez breaks the paradigm of classic cannabis strains that rarely had a “typical weed” terpene. Instead, she seems to breathe a new level of fresh, fruity life into marijuana. That typical musky and earthy smell of standard White Widow or Skunk is something we used to associate cannabis with. Thanks to the exotic combination of genetics, we can now finally get away from the smelly cannabis and enjoy an almost perfume-like cannabis smell!

Zkittlez also proves once again that THC content is not the most determining characteristic when it comes to the effect of cannabis. Zkittlez shows that an exotic and diverse terpene profile can certainly compensate for the lower THC value, with an exceptional type of effect.